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I thought it would be good to lead by example, so i would like to share my before and after Pictures, this picture was taken while on holiday in Florida. i was 16 stone 4 and got out of breath easily.
I was in the Fire service for 20 years and was totally fit, I could eat anything and get away with it. But when i started my new career path as a consultant this is what happened, i did not realise how bad it was, but one day i decided to get a grip on my eating and fitness habits. so to do this i trained as a Personal Trainer and used myself as a client along the way. I am proud of my results and am now helping others to achieve results such as mine. I now hold a Level 2 and level 3 advanced diploma in Personal Training on top of that a REPS accreditation and teaching diploma.


I am now 11.5 stone and have taken part in 3 Tough Mudder events, I also train 4 times a week, this does not include my times that i spend with clients                                                (Groups and Personal Training )

My eating habits are now of a healthy nature, I have never used any slimming foods in my weigh loss plan, all i have changed is what i eat and how much (this was never a diet)

I feel so much healthier and confident. 

I can do the same for you, all you need to do is contact me for a guaranteed fitness program that will allow you to achieve your important targets.

I offer a free consultation and money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied.

Fitness Class

I provide fitness classes indoors

Boot Camp

I provide Bootcamps at any  location, please click on picture to book your place using  Eventbrite.

Smart Goals

I provide a fully inclusive fitness plan and personal fitness assessment

Personal Training

I provide a dedicated personal training service